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As Head of Digital Arts at Broadway, Nottingham, I’m currently working as a creative producer and project manager. I specialise in the delivery of a regular monthly programme that promotes digital cultures and emerging new media across several public contexts. I operate as part producer, part interface between artist, audience and location. My particular interest lies in the artistic and creative use of old and new technologies in locative and pervasive artworks.

Graduating with a degree in Fine Art, I became a regular participant and producer of the lo-fi new media platform event called Trampoline which alternated between Nottingham and Berlin. Inspired by the possibilities technologies afforded I quickly became Trampoline event co-ordinator in 2007, fund raising for various participatory projects, interventions and regular platform events. This included the first edition of Heath Bunting’s “Status Project” surveying and mapping the class systems of human being management through identity data and also Aram Barthol’s “First Person Shooter” & “WOW.”
Most Notably in my work for Trampoline, in 2009 I directed and managed a small team organising the Radiator Festival and Symposium in Nottingham entitled “Exploits in the Wireless City;” instigating discussion around the development of digital networks and how they are transforming our notion of the public and private urban spaces. This Included commissioning new work by both international and regionally based artists, including N55 & Christian Nold; as well as producing a number of city-wide participatory projects, workshops, music and workshop events.
In 2010, I completed a Masters degree at Nottingham Trent University studying the strategies for collaborative interdisciplinary practices within new media and digital cultures. I now operate as a freelance creative producer, dividing my time between my regular role as Head of Digital Arts at Broadway and working on artistic projects with collective Active Ingredient.

Download my CV here: Matt_Davenport_CV_2011_pdf

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Active Ingredient: Exploding Places Prep

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