Do Billboards Dream of Electric Screens?

As an associated producer at Trampoline, Agency for New Media Arts, I was invited to co-curate a showreel for public outdoor screens, which has since toured to different locations around the world:

- Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia, as part of the project 'Our Friends Are Electric'
April 2008

- Glastonbury Festival , South-West England, 25 - 28th of June 2009

The programme was compiled from an open call for submissions with particular emphasis on short films. It is divided into two chapters, "The Citizen" and "These Four Walls". While "The Citizen" shows mainly cinematographic works reflecting upon the relationship between the individual and society as such, "These Four Walls" understands the screen in its two-dimensionality, as an electric canvas or simply a wall.

For programme details and artists information, please visit Trampoline


Nottingham, 2008
"Do Billboards dream...": Nottingham, 2008