Light Night 2010 Projects
Barret Hodgson and NSC Creative

Light Night is a national programme of events in over 11 cities around the UK. The brief in 2010 was to transform the city into a stage for the weekend; it was an opportunity to celebrate the city, focusing on their shared culture, history and identity. Nottingham's focus was on light installations, whilst maintaining quite dark areas of the city to bring a contrast to the events. A mixture of outdoor performances from professional artists, performers and community groups, sound and light installations and indoor cultural activities were presented. The event utilised areas of the city that are culturally renowned and welcoming to the public but not usually after dark. These include Nottingham Castle, Old Market Square, the Lace Market quarter and Hockley.

I was invited by Nottingham City Council to contribute to this weekend of activities (Feb 12th & 13th 2010) and set a brief to coordinate a weekend of activities at Broadway in line with the 'Light Night' approach.

Taking inspiration from Nottingham Contemporary's 'Star City The Future Under Communism' the cafe/bar area hosted a special edition of the NSC (National Space Centre) Creative Astronomy series mapped across a multi-screen projection and narrated by David Tennant. As the star filled night sky was brought into the building, Barret Hodgson of Vent Media was invited to create an outdoor cinema projection inspired by sci-fi film and speculative futuristic craft. Guests on the evening were invited to mulled wine, hot chestnuts and an audio installation on the terrace.

Astronomer 2.0 - Fulldome from NSC Creative on Vimeo


NSC Creative

Feb 2010

NSC Creative
"We Are Astronomers": NSC Creative