Mark Titchner: 'Disclosure'

Mark Titchner presented a new video work made for Broadway’s Glass Screen entitled “Disclosure”. The work appears to present an open admission from the artist of his dissatisfaction and frustration with past actions and opinions and his hopes for the future.

The work documents the internal dialogue of an individual attempting to liberate himself from the past or the act of “giving birth to oneself”. Presented as a stream of scrolling text the work provides subtitles for a hypothetical life that exists only as potential.

This new piece of work was the companion to the exhibition “Disclosure” presented by Backlit Studios. The show was made up of three components an exhibition, which incidentally features Mark's first attempts at painting since art school, a panel discussion on ideas of independence in various fields of art and the public screening of a new video work on the facade of Broadway's Glass Screen. Broadway also hosted a number of artists’ video works from recent graduates, (Ben Wheele, Alia Pathan,) interspersed with a selection of short films and online clips chosen by Mark Titchner and myself which also explore the themes of liberation and disclosure. These were presented in the cafe/bar area and also on the small screens around the public spaces at Broadway.

This was a co-curatorial project in collaboration with Backlit Studios. The central theme of 'Disclosure' proposed by Mark seemed to resonate with the members of Backlit as they too were in one way starting as new, as fresh graduates from the BA Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. The important factor in the show is the idea of confession or disclosure. A public/private display of the vulnerability that is derived from honesty. Mark wrote a text for the show which you can read here…

To accompany the new work, Broadway hosted an exclusive discussion organised in association with Backlit Studios relating to the themes of liberation and potential. Panel members represented practicing artists, art educators, artist run spaces and public institutions, including Nottingham Contemporary director and curator Alex Farquharson, artist Mark Titchner, senior lecturer at the Nottingham School of Art & Design Rob Flint and cultural researcher and author James Shorthose. The discussion examined the differing challenges presented in these spheres along with the panelists’ personal reflections and experiences. Panelists explored and examined the possibilities that artists and art institutions have for independence, adapting practice and the creation of potential new audiences.

Since "Disclosure," Mark has gone on to blog regularly, reflecting back on his practice, art, music and books... check here for regular updates.

Here's a snippet from his thoughts on the project... "It’s one of a number of projects that I’ve been working on with students and young graduates. The drive for this is two-fold; firstly because I identify this period in my own life as incredibly significant in terms of reinforcing or creating certain structures that I’m only now beginning to move beyond and secondly the idea that there is some kind of purity in those that have not yet been (over) exposed to the horrors of the big bad, art world and its temptations."

Here's a clip of one of the youtube films Mark and I chose for the show, the enigmatic “Diamond Dave” Whittaker recites his Digger poem.

Mark Titchner
Backlit Studios

Jun 09

Backlit Poster
"Disclosure" Mark Titchner: Backlit Poster

Mark Titchner, 2007
"Ivy Meet Mike": Mark Titchner, 2007