Digital Broadway teamed up with Nottingham based gallery Moot to present a program of artist’s films for the glass, bar and small screens. Bringing together work from four artists; Petra Kleyn (NL), Jonty Lees (GB), Rachel Reupke (GB) and Magali Reus (NL), work has been selected with sensitivity towards the varying display mechanisms and spatial contexts found at the Broadway Cinema.

Jonty Lees
Taking advantage of the duality of Broadway's glass screen, Cornwall based Lees presented the diptych 'Say Hello, Wave Good-bye'. Created whilst artist in residence at Tate St. Ives in late 2007, 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye' documents a black and white dot drawn on the wall on the studio and examines the capabilities of the zoom function of a video camera. 

Rachel Reupke
London based Reupke presented the visually stunning yet subtly perturbing 'Now Wait For Last Year', created during, and in response to, an artists residency at 122A based in Wang Jing, close to Beijing's artistic centre, and initiated by artists Xu Zhongmin and Ye Yong Qing in 2006.

Petra Kleyn
Netherlands based Kleyn presented her video "Swinging from a lamppost", created whilst participating in "Sign to Eutopia", an artist residency program at Sign Gallery, Groningen. This was made as a response to the influence of Dutch city planning, and documents the artist using an oversized swing attached to a streetlight swinging over a main road. 

Magali Reus
Bordering on the still image,  Reus's films present serene and timeless sets in which characters occupy natural habitats set against corporate backdrops and reflect events the have occured in the news. Reus presents three films as interventions in the corridors and foyer spaces ar Broadway; 'Drifter', 'Cast' and 'Palm Prospect'

Sep 2008

Jonty Lees, 2007
"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye": Jonty Lees, 2007

Rachel Reupke, 2006
"Now Wait for Last Year": Rachel Reupke, 2006

Magali Reus, 2008
"Drifter": Magali Reus, 2008