Prussian Projekte: "Holes"

In a collaborative project with Prussian Projekte we devised a multimedia programme for the physical spaces at Broadway. The programme maifest in a series of film, video and sound works using durational narratives in which situations only seem to get progressively worse. Selected works feature circumstances in which common sense would usually tell us to walk away, yet instinctively we are pushed towards a breaking point; like ending up in a hole, which is just too big to escape from.

The programme consisted of a 10 hour epic durational video work by Steve Hines, projected in the café bar and featured a subtle audio intervention in the public toilets by artist Gary O’Connor.

Prussian Projekte is an artist led gallery space in Sherwood, Nottingham. Its programme encompasses exhibitions, screenings and off site projects that focus primary on video, film and moving image work. Prussian Projekte is led by Edward Morris and Kate Musgrove.

Prussian Projekte

Mar 2010


Steve Hines, 2002
"8x8": Steve Hines, 2002

Gary O
"The Hole": Gary O'Connor,2006

Digital Broadway Flyer