Radiator Festival: "Exploits in the Wireless City"


The 4th Radiator festival & symposium, Exploits in the Wireless City, instigated discussion and debate based on the understanding that the development of digital networks are transforming our notion of (public and private) space. In its critique, Radiator questioned the opportunities, future strategies and implementations that artists and communities face when learning to act within these new city spaces. Through its artistic interventions, Radiator put theory into practice with projects and events that both position and challenge the dominant forces at work in the urban environment and explore the new territories opened up by hybrid space.

Exploring frameworks for engaging both arts and non arts audiences, artists, organisations and communities I was responsible for devising a range of 'satellite events.' City wide activities that illustrated, annotated and animated discourse responding to the "Exploits in the Wireless City" themes.

JODI - GEO GOO (Info Park)
For Broadway, JODI presented "Geo Goo (Info Park)," exploring the relations between the world we build through the internet and the one based on our past mental and physical maps. Services such as GoogleMaps have changed radically our worldview by making the Globe accessible as a commercial multi-user surface. Here JODI plays with the processes of coding/decoding, of deciphering cryptic data in a chaotic surface in order to uncover hidden messages in geometric shapes.

An evening of events exploring the themes of the new spaces opened up by the wireless city. Film screenings, installations, performances and live music by Other participating artists included Harry Levene & Jon Pigrem, Alex Mannion-Jones, Esther Ainsworth, Sean Clark, Janet Curley-Cannon, David Theobald, Marcelina Wellmer, Simon Raven, Blaffert&Wamhof, Lucie Marsmann, James Snazell, Mattias Wright, Nisha Duggal, The Owl Project, Burd & Scarr, Wounded Knee, Patrick Farmer, Dominic Lash, Matt Milton, MIDSR, Lovebite.

The Owl Project
The Owl project performed a special audio presentation of their iLog series. The Owl Project make sculpture, music and sound art which include a distinctive range of musical and sculptural instruments that critique human interaction with computer interfaces and our increasing appetite for new and often disposable technologies.

Owl project is Simon Blackmore, Antony Hall and Steve Symons who are most well known for their Log1K, Sound Lathe, and iLog. The iLog series is a reflection on our relationship with consumer technology. The design of each iLog strongly echoes contemporary products such as iPods and advanced mobile phones. These extremely developed complex products, with their plastic techno-packaging, seem modern and beguiling, but also appear craft-less and encourage a disturbing disposability.

The Owl Project

Origamibiro&The Joy of Box
Origami Biro (Expanding Records) is Tom Hill. Formerly one half of electronica duo, Wauvenfold (Wichita Records) Tom earned himself a reputation among the likes of Björk, Super Furry Animals and John Peel himself. The Joy of Box is Jim Boxall. Jim has been working with moving images and live visuals for 14 years and has worked with artists such as Theo Travis, Dj Krush, Autechre, Raphael Lozano-Hemmer and Hexstatic.

Origami Biro & The Joy of Box presented their latest experimental AV performance to a sell our audience in the space at New Art Exchange. Origami flowers and bubble wrap were shredded into textured beats alongside live double bass, strings and ukulele. Infra red cameras capture the pages of a book, flicked in time to the music as one musician and one video artist weaved a tapestry of music and video live on stage.

The Joy of Box

Annexinema was founded by Emily Wilczek, artist and Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, and Ian Nesbitt, artist and co-founder of Stand Assembly. Taking its name from the Annexe building of the previous Stand Assembly studio space in Nottingham where the first five events were held, Annexinema is now a peripatetic event, maintaining its ad-hoc sensibility.

Annexinema moved from the Dakeyne Street annexe to present a night of film, performance, installation and music at the Arts Organisation. Working in association with Radiator, and responding loosely to the theme "Exploits in the Wireless City", Annexinema once again provided an eclectic programme of works in sound and moving image by artists and experimenters. The programme included films by Bureau of Inverse Technology, BLU, Janek Schafer and performances by Joe Gilmore and Chris Gladwin's "Potato Synthesis."

Wilczek & Nesbitt are keen to nurture an environment of collaboration and cross-pollination between art-related practices, incorporating screenings, installations, performances and live music events. Operating outside of a traditional cinema or gallery, they encourage submissions from artists and actively source work from local, national and internationally emerging artists as well as more established practitioners.

For full programme details please visit: Annexinema: Radiator

Hatch: Undercover
Hatch was invited to respond to the Radiator Festival for New Technology Art 2008 by going Undercover at a previously undisclosed location – The Loggerheads. An elite squad of some of the most intriguing performers we could embargo until the night investigated, interrogated, subverted and surveyed in a network of underground caves. Audiences accustomed to digital art experienced a nefarious and anomalous mix of spies, lies and disinformation with not a digital artwork in sight. There were TVs but they didn’t work. The closest we came to cutting edge was an OHP projector.


HATCH: Undercover slideshow from Nathaniel J Miller on Vimeo.

Other 'Satellite' activities and events included: Open City, pAIR, Frank Abbott & Duncan Higgins, Dealmaker Records & Warp Records present: Rustie, Wigflex, John Wall, Chris Cousin & Jim Brouwer. For full list of events and more information please visit the Radiator Festival website.

Jan 2009

JODI, 2009
"Geo Goo (Info Park)": JODI, 2009


Christian Nold, 2009
"Community Metrics": Christian Nold, 2009

Niklas Goldbach, 2008
"Birds": Niklas Goldbach, 2008

Stanza, 2004-9
"Sensity": Stanza, 2004-9

The Owl Project 

Origamibiro & The Joy of Box 

Loggerheads, 2009
Hatch: Undercover: Loggerheads, 2009

Bureau of Inverse Technology, 1999
"Bit Plane": Bureau of Inverse Technology, 1999

Chris Galdwin
"Potato Synthesis": Chris Galdwin