The Sandpit in collaboration with Gamecity

In partnership with Gamecity and Hide & Seek Festival, I was invited to host an evening of social games and playful experiences, where artists can experiment with game design to create new ways of interacting. The Sandpit was an obvious choice, aimed at playing and playtesting new games and sports, and giving London's pervasive gaming community somewhere to meet. Participants are encouraged to develop their own ideas for new games, and to run them at subsequent Sandpits in consultation with the Sandpit crew. Sandpit were interested in developing a national presence and so we organised a special edition for Broadway's audience and context.

The Nottingham leg of the Sandpit Tour showcased Sandpit’s unrivalled mix of pervasive, social and traditional games. Including Moveyhouse, a cinematic adventure inspired by a legendary ‘happening’ in 1960s New York and Scoop! which tasks players with catching celebrities on camera indulging or exposing their private, personal, scandalous secrets. Plus for those who were just dropping by or who were caught between which games to play there were a
number Pick and Play Games giving players the chance to take part in small drawing games and Victorian parlour games with rules and props included.

Playwrite, blogger, academic and tech enthusiast, Hannah Nicklin blogged the Sandpit event

Hide & Seek

Oct 2009

The Sandpit at Broadway