Curating YouTube

As platforms have changed, artsists and curators have responded and youtube is now being regarded as resource itself.

YouTube:Play, Guggenheim

The Guggenheim Museum is teaming up with YouTube in partnership with HP to discover the art of YouTube videos. Tasked with uncovering the “most creative video in the world,” the companies have launched an international search by way of YouTube Play, a specially branded YouTube channel that will feature the entries in this new competition. ?

Anyone is invited to submit a video to YouTube Play, even video creators themselves, and the submission deadline is July 31.

The videos may consist of animation, motion graphics, narrative, non-narrative, or documentary work, music videos and even “entirely new art forms” that challenge the perception of what’s possible to do with video, explains the YouTube blog post about this unique collaboration project.

Two hundred of the leading videos will be selected for further attention by an international jury of experts from the worlds of art, design, film and video. Twenty of those initial 200 videos will then be presented at the Guggenheim. Yes, that’s right – at the Guggenheim itself. The YouTube videos will appear in the Guggenheim network of museums in New York, Bilbao, Venice and Berlin on October 21 and will be made available for the world to see on the channel.

This is a true reflection on the debate surrounding social media and opening up arts institutions to the public for them to curate. Sure we all have a desire to share and produce now that social media have come along, but do we lose a certain subjectivity if the experience is crowd controlled?

Another interesting online exhibition I came across recently is 3 hours in 1 second a you tube grid show online, where artists are using existing films to create a new artwork.

I even came across some YouTube triptych's that can be traced and don't have an author associated with them. Made possible by: YOU3B, March 2008

3 Hours in 1 Second