A Conversation Between Trees

Artist/ Producer

I'm currently working as part producer and part artist with Active Ingredient on the project called, 'A Conversation Between Trees.' It is a new locative artwork that connects trees in different environments, using environmental sensors technologies to visualise and interpret the sensor data as an interactive installation. A playful conversation between artists, scientists, audience and location exploring woodland ecologies in the UK and Brazil, developed through a series of residency labs.

'A Conversation Between Trees' is a project created by a partnership of artists, scientists, researchers, to visualise and interpret environmental data and our understandings of climate change by exploring forests on either side of the world.

The project is a unique interaction between artists, scientists, audience and locations, a playful conversation about forest environments, building public understanding of climate science.

A Conversation between Trees is a direct development from the research developed as part of Active Ingredient’s previous research project, the Dark Forest.

Find out more about the project here- HELLO-TREE.COM