Making Future Work

Digital Research Commissions


Making Future Work was a new digital research initiative led by Broadway Media Centre and funded by Arts Council England from JAN- JUL 2011. The programme manifested as 4 New Digital Research Commissions and 3 region wide discursive events.
The programme acted as a catalyst for ideas and pilot for further digital innovation projects in the Midlands. It forms part of Arts Council England's wider investment in digital development to explore how digital media technologies are affecting the creation, distribution and consumption of the arts.
To find out more about the commissions and events please visit MAKINGFUTUREWORK.ORG.UK

Alongside the four commissioned research projects, three public events were planned and were devised as an opportunity for the presentation of the research projects in progress to engage with new audiences across the East Midlands region. The themes for these events came directly from the concerns which the commissions were dealing with, Narrative, Design and Collaboration.

Hetain Patel & Barret Hodgson- 'Be Like Water'

Performing re-choreographed scenes from the blockbuster film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and investigating non-linear narratives that inhabit different versions of the self, ‘Be Like Water’ has manifest as a live performative development of an earlier film work of Patel’s ‘Dance Like Your Dad.’ This work is now being developed to tour with other National arts organisations.

Brendan Oliver & Brendan Randall- 'Le Cadavre Exquis'

‘Le Cadavre Exquis’ is a research and development project that examines how audiences can work together locally and remotely to generate an artistic installation created soley by the audience. ‘Le Cadavre Exquis’ is a contemporary re-interpretation of the of the surrealist game “Exquisite Corpse” and the parlour game “Consequences” in which players define parts of a visual image and dialogue before passing onto future payers for further contributions. Developed as an interactive installation, participants control both the narrative and recorded footage of the piece.

The Institute for Boundary Interactions- 'Urban Immune System'

Using open ideation, collaboration, workshops, experience simulation and prototype testing 'the institute' operate at the boundary of public art and design, critiquing developmental technologies by embedding them within the real world. IBI’s Urban Immune System Research is a critical design project investigating parallel futures in the emergence of the ‘smart-city’. The Institute produced a series of speculative prototype devices combining digital and bio technologies that will form the basis for a series of user tests, performative research and public engagement events.

Mudlark- 'EM Open Data'

Mudlark engaged in research within Derby and Nottingham local authorities to discern what data feeds are available within the civic infrastructure of the East Midlands; how much of it is actually used and how. If the data was opened up, artists and technologists could re-purpose it to create new artworks or services. The aim of this research was to discover what data is created by redundant systems in the East Midlands and to create a code-able script for it, an API for the streets.